In the school year 2017-18 the upper secondary school 2nd Geniko Lykeio Aliveriou of Evia Island, Greece participates, for the first time, as a partner school, in the Erasmus+K2 project “GEW: Generation Europe Web”. Coordinator school is Istituto Omnicomprensivo of Orte, Italy. The other partner schools are: the RSG Wolfsbos of Hoogeveen, Netherlands and Euclides Enseñanza Andalusia of Seville, Spain.

Twenty two pupils (16 and 17 years old) and five teachers are involved in the project: Eleni Gota, teacher of Greek Language/headmistress, Litsa Glarou, teacher of Religious affairs (Project Coordinator), Ioannis Maloukos, teacher of Greek Language, Evangelia Karkaletsi, teacher of Mathematics and Ioannis Krokos, teacher of Informatics. The project duration is 30 months (18-09-2017 to 17-03-2020).

The main goal of the project is to exchange good practices, using the English Language, and having as main focus digital skills.

                    Group of A Class

                       Group of B Class

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