We are a Primary and Secondary School named “Arboleda School” in Seville (a city which is located in the south of Spain), with more than 700 students) attending everyday to our school (from 3 to 16 years old)
We think that this proyect which could stimulate our students by improving their skills in their foreign language, and their competences in European matters, in order to communicate with young people from different countries and cultures.

In Arboleda School, we can proudly say that there is a highly motivated teachers team which is ready to start cooperation. For us, It would be an interesting experience for us to have an Exchange group of students from different countries, with the aim of learning about the European diversity. Your Project idea sound interesting and we would love to learn more details about it.

You will know more about how spanish student have worked on the project:


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You will know more about how spanish student have worked on the project:



1st Students Meeting in Sevilla.

We are going to attach some photos from several activities how our team prepared during the First Students Meeting in Sevilla.


2nd Staff Meeting in Hoogeven, January 24-26 2018

We were so happy to be at the 2nd Staff Meeting in Hoogeven. All the partners have participated with great motivation and a lot of new ideas for the very beginning of the project.

The main goal for the meet has been the first to decide what we goint to do during the Study Trip in Seville, dealing with a different way to discover our city. We show several activities to our partners. At the end, we decide which activities were more apropieate for all students.

The programme is full of different activities, from cultural visits to natural tours, getting closer to the magnificent parks and animals like birds in Seville.

Our relationship have been improving also thanks to the time spent in good restaurants appreciating the delicious Dutch food.

We have learn a lot during the meeting.

1ST STAFF MEETING – November 15th/17th 2017 ORTE – ITALY

From 15th to 17th November, we have celebrate the first trasnational meeting  at  Istituto Omnicomprensivo in Orte (Italy).

We have had the opportunity to know teachers from the other contries from the proyect and  plan the future Staff meetings and study trips with the students.

We started to work on the main issues of the project, focusing on  how to  develop social/digital  entrepreneurship. It was an intensive but a  fruitful and amusing time during which the teachers could compare and share their ideas and proposals as to the project. Apart from hard working sessions, the teachers could also share the different cultural approaches of our  teachers, the hospitality of italian people and the generosity of their cooking traditions.

On the second day, The visit the town hall where we meet with the Mayor of the town.  He acted as guides in  the visit of the building, illustrating and commenting the beautiful pictures kept in the old Palace.

We really enjoy the first meeting.