Kick off meeting in Orte, Italy, 15-17 November 2017

Evaluation of the Kick off meeting

The first meeting at the Italian School Istituto Omnicomprensivo of Orte, was highly successful and achieved its objectives. There was a first but substantial acquaintance of the nine teachers who participated, from four different countries, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Spain, who shared experiences about the educational system of their countries, their work as teachers, their working conditions, the goals of their students and the way of living in their country.

This was particularly important for those who participated for the first time in an European project. The participants were given the opportunity to plan the next staff and study meetings. The exchange of views and ideas on the subject made us more ready to properly orient our students to the main objectives of the project (social entrepreneurship and good practices) and to the secondary but equally important ones, such as the substantial acquaintance among European pupils, the exchange of experiences and the hospitality. We had the opportunity to attend the presentation of two implemented «social enterprises» by two Italian students’ groups. In the end each partner country presented their own ideas and suggestions for activities for our students.



Second staff meeting in Hoogeveen, Netherlands, 24-26 January 2018

Evaluation of the Second Staff meeting

The second staff meeting at the Dutch Wolfs bos school in Hoogeveen contributed substantially to further promoting the objectives of the project. The previous experience of the meeting in Orte, Italy proved very helpful.

We had a guided tour to the impressive facilities of the school, such as the equipped classrooms with interactive boards and projectors, the library and the individual cabinets for the students. We were highly impressed by state-of-the-art science laboratories, the gym and the students’ recreational spaces, decorated with imagination and inspiration.

Each of us had the opportunity to attend a teaching time on a different subject and have a realistic picture of the educational process. We discussed and shared opinions with Dutch colleagues of different specialties and with Dutch students. We were informed about their working conditions, such as their working hours, their wages and the number of students per class. At the same time, we had the opportunity to understand the complicated Dutch education system and the way of living in the country.

We met the group of the Dutch students participating in the project. The young students presented themselves and then a conversation followed on the reasons of their participation in the project and their expectations of it.

Partner countries presented a video presentation of their students’ group. We also presented the draws of the pupils of each partner school for the project logo and ended up in one from each country. The final choice among the four we agreed to be made by the vote of 8 students of each country.

In the end we watched the very interesting and creative proposals of the Spanish delegation on the activities of the first Study meeting with students in Seville, Spain, which we finalized after constructive dialogue for 05 to 11 of March 2018.

Particular moment of our meeting was the dinner at the Dutch colleague’s house.