Short-term exchange of groups of pupils 2017-18

First Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Seville, Spain, 05-11 March 2018

05-11 March 2018, the First Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Meeting took place at the Colegio Privado Concertado Arboleda in Seville, Spain.

Twenty four students from the three partner countries (Greece, Italy and Netherlands) were hosted by their Spanish partners.

Students having already met their Spanish partners through Instagram and the Facebook close page of the project, experienced the hospitality of the particularly affectionate Spanish families and enjoyed their Spanish classmates’ lifestyle during the morning activities and during the afternoon meetings where they were touring in places of entertainment of the Seville youth. They also learned through mixed group activities with their Italian and Dutch classmates. Their impressions of acquaintance were particularly positive. The preparation of the Spanish colleagues was excellent and the activities related to sustainable tourism and entrepreneurship, very interesting for our students. They were taught flamenco by five Spanish pupils and the next day they performed a flashmob in a central square of Seville. They visited the city’s attractions, the cathedral at the historic center and the Arabic Alcazar palace. They also enjoyed a viable tourism experience by riding bicycles on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and exploring the neighborhoods of the city. Particularly impressive was the visit to the Doniana National Park, south of Seville. On the last day, a party was given at the school with the pupils of the three countries and the host families. Families brought at school food they had prepared for us.

Program of the meeting

GEW SEVILLIA files (workshops/activities/evaluation)




06.03.2018 Worksheet Cooperative games to break the ice
 06.03.2018 1st day at school Cooperative games to break the ice
 06.03.2018 1st day at school Cooperative games to break the ice
 06.03.2018 1st day at school Cooperative games to break the ice
 06.03.2018 What do you think about the project?
07.03.2018 Cartuja.s Monastery
 07.03.2018 Evaluation of the 2nd day-Bike Tour
 07-08.03.2018 Sustainable Tourism Evaluation of the 3rd day by the Greek students
 07-10.03.2018 Group work Evaluation Dianas
 07-10.03.2018 Group work Evaluation Dianas RESPONSES
 08.03.2018 Evaluation of the Cathedral and Reales Alcázares visit
 09.03.2018 Evaluation of the 4th day-Donana
 10.03.2018 Think Green-Find the list
 10.03.2018 Think Green-Find the list RESPONSES
 10.03.2018 Worksheet-Who are those people? Your social enterprise business idea
 10.03.2018 Worksheet Responses–Social Business Plan Senario
 Photograph Raid
 Photograph Raid 1st & 2nd Competition Results
 Evaluation of the meeting
 10.03.2018  Activity-Social Business Plan Senario
 Links of the videos created by the Greek students



Day 1 – Monday 5 March 2018 – travel day


Day 2 – Tuesday 6 March 2018 – start project meeting


Day 3 – Wednesday 7 March 2018 – project meeting


Day 4 – Thuresday 8 March 2018 – project meeting


Day 5 – Friday 9  March 2018 – project meeting


Day 6 –Saturday10 March 2018 – last project meeting


Presentations of final product from each group


Farewell party


Teachers’ meetings


Students’ meetings after school


Day 6 –Sunday11 March 2018 – travel day