Hoogeveen, The Netherlands




Second Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands


The Second short-term exchange of groups of pupils took place at the RSG Wolfsbos in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands 05-11 November 2018. Twenty four students from the three partner countries were hosted by Dutch families for a week. From Italy participated ten students and two teachers, from Spain eight students and two teachers and from Greece six students and two teachers. For some students was the first transnational exchange and they were excited associating with their European partners. Before the mobility they had met through social media and TwinSpace. They experienced the warm hospitality of the Dutch families, the family rulesand the daily life. Some families hosted one student of each partner country and a friendly atmosphere developed very fast among them. They enjoyed eco transportation to school, as they were coming by bicycles. They were impressed by the well-equipped school. The organization of the Dutch colleagues was exemplary and the activities were very interesting. Students and teachers followed lessons in different classes. In mixed teams students discovered the city’s attractions through recreational activities and were guided to a windmill. There was a daily evaluation of the activities. They collaborated in mixed groups to find an innovative, environmentally friendly business idea. They practiced English Language and developed digital skills and skills of life. The program of each day ended with an interesting trip to the surroundings. We also visited the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam and met the canals of the city by cruising along the Amstel River. Particularly interesting and pleasant for the teachers was the dinner with a Dutch family and the dinner at Ymie’s house where partners prepared dishes of their country. The last evening we all enjoyed the farewell dinner, organized by the families, in the cozy classroom of the school. During our saying an article about our meeting was published on the local press. It was an unforgettable experience for our students because apart fromimproving their entrepreneurial and digital skills they developed strong friendship bonds with their partners.


Official Invitation of the 2nd Short term exchange of groups of pupils in Hoogeveen


Program of the meeting

Hoogeveen Activity program

Getting to know each other before the Second Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Hoogeveen
The matching of the students

The matching of the students


Day 1 – Monday 5 November 2018 – travel day- meeting the host families

2nd day at school – start project meeting – welcome by the headmaste



2nd day at school – the mixed groups



2nd day at school – start project meeting – Erasmus Quiz
Activity Program for the students



Gift exchange



2nd day at school – Afternoon activities in Hoogeveen town center

Trasure hunt in the center of Hoogeveen


2nd day – At the wind mill


2nd day – at the Town Hall


3rd day – project meeting


3rd day – following science lesson


4th day – project meeting – evaluation and preparation



4th day – project meeting – Students work in small groups. Each group makes a part of the final product


5th day – project meeting – evaluation and preparation


5th day – Presentation of the final product by each group

Group 1 International summer and winter festival 



Group 2 – The Monastry 



Group 3 – Hoogeveense World Tower 



Group 4 – erasmus leeuw 



Group 5 – The Icemountain 



Group 6 – Rent a boat 



Group 7 – Robot soccer station



Group 8 – Hoogeveen bikers 



Rating Form for the presentation


Activities outside the school

3rd day – at the Camp Westerbork in Drenthe

Camp Westerbork was a transit camp in Drenthe province, northeastern Netherlands, during World War II. Established by the Dutch government in the summer of 1939, Camp Westerbork was meant to serve as a refugee camp for Jews who had illegally entered the Netherlands.


The 102.000 stones monument at Westerbork

Each individual stone represents a single person that stayed at Westerbork and died in a Nazi concentration camp.


3rd day – dinner with the host families


4th day – at the Wildlands Emmen Zoo in Emmen 

Wildlands, also known as Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen, is a zoo in Emmen, the Netherlands. It opened in March 2016, replacing the Emmen Zoo. Wildlands is an adventure theme park with four main areas: Jungola, Serenga, Nortica and Animazia.

The most prominent feature of Jungola is the indoor tropical rainforest hall Rimbula, which at 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft) is the largest zoo jungle hall in the world and the largest greenhouse in Europe. 


4th day – Traditional dishes from each partner country cooked at Ymie’s house


5th day – at the De Bonte Wever, in Assen


6th day – at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam

NEMO Science Museum (from latin Nobody) is a science center in Amsterdam,  Netherlands. It contains five floors of hands-on science exhibitions and is the largest science center in the Netherlands.


6th day – Cruise on the Amstel riveer in Amsterdam


6th day – in Amsterdam 


6th day – Farewell party with food prepared by the families


6th day – With the host families at the farewell party


6th day – Certificates of attendance


7th day – travel day – All with the same train


Students evaluate their 2nd Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Hoogeveen
Greek students evaluate their 2nd Short-term exchange of groups 

Evaluation of the Short-term exchange in Hoogeveen