Transnational staff meeting 2019-20

 Fourth Staff meeting in Seville, Spain, November 19-23, 2019



Paerner teachers from Italy, Greece and Netherlands traveled to Seville, Spain, from 19 to 24 November 2019 to take part to the Fourth Transnational Meeting with the Spanish partners, thus completing mobility under the European Erasmus+ KA219 “Generazione Web Europeo” project. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the project as well as disseminate results to the local community. In the crowded hall of the Colegio Privado Concertado Arboleda, teachers and Spanish students presented their work and activities from 2017 to date, with representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Secondary Education, local authorities, teachers, pupils and parents. The Spanish coordinated successfully the event by giving the stage to all partners, as well as to the Spanish students, who shared their experiences with the public.
During the daily meetings, partners evaluated the contribution of each country and each teacher individually to the achievement of the objectives and the successful outcome of the program and decided on the content of the Manual (Good Practices Handbook), which will be the final product of the project. The program will be completed in March 2020, with the submission of the Final Evaluation Report to each country’s National Agency and the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for Greece.


From the reception after the presentation

From the staff meetings during our staying


Presentation of the short-term exchanges of groups of pupils under the GEW Erasmus+KA219 project in the dissemination day in Seville

First exchange of pupils in Seville, Spain

Evaluation of the first meeting
Students evaluate their 1st Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Seville

Second exchange of pupils in Hoogeveen, Netherlands


Evaluation of the Short-term exchange in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands 05-11 November 2018

Third exchange of pupils in Orte, Italy

Group evaluation in Orte by the Greek students

Fourth exchange of pupils in Aliveri, Evia, Greece

Students evaluate the 4th Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Aliveri, Evia, Greece


Project evaluation by the Dutch students Jelle ans Danny

Greek students evaluate the Erasmus+ΚΑ219 GEW project

Δελτίο Τύπου

Σε διεθνική συνάντηση στην Ισπανία εκπαιδευτικοί του 2ου ΓΕΛ Αλιβερίου



     The Cathedral of Seville                                    Sagrada Familia, Barcelona