Short-term exchange of groups of pupils 2019-20

Fourth Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Aliveri, Evia, Greece, October 14-20, 2019

Evia Island in Greece


Official Invitation for the 4th Study meeting in Greece 14-20 October 2019

Program of the meeting

Introduce yourself to this padlet

Getting to know the Dutch students who will visit Greece. Guess the correct answer in the following Quiz!
Getting to know the Spanish students who will visit Greece. Watch the following short video presentations on our Facebook group page ERASMUS + KA2  GENERATION EUROPE WEB and answer the Quiz!

Maria Luisa    Manuela    Martina Acosta

Victoria     Antonio     Daniel       Gonzalo  OSCAR

What do you know about Greece?

1st Day – Arrival of the Italian, Dutch and Spanish groups of pupils


2nd Day – Metting at school 


 Welcome by the principal 



Text of the presentation read by Vasiliki and Matina

  Places we are going to visit

CREATIVITY CHALLENGE:  30 Circles exercise

The 30 Circles is a great warm-up exercise and also highlights the balance between fluency (the speed and quantity of ideas) and flexibility (how different or divergent you are)

TIME: 3 minutes

SUPPLIES: Pen and a piece of paper (per person) with 30 blank circles on it of approximately the same size.


  1. Turn as many of the blank circles as possible into recognizable objects in three minutes.
  2. Compare results. Look for the quantity or fluency of ideas. Ask how many people filled in ten, 15, 20, or more circles?

Next, look for diversity or flexibility in ideas.

Are the ideas derivative (a basketball, a baseball, a volleyball) or distinct (a planet, a cookie, a happy face)?

If people were drawing their own circles, did anyone “break the rules” and combine two or more (a snowman or a traffic light)?


Maria Luiza from Spain was the winner!


Culture based Tourism – Workshops (2 hours)

“From words to action” – “Turning Ideas into Action” – Set your own business

Group 1 (soap)  RUZALINA, DEWI, MANUELA, NIKOS, EDOARDO                                                                    


Group 2 ( (radio broadcasting)  FYLLENIA, TESS. MARIADELE, DIMITRIS, DANIEL

Group 3  (jewelry) MARILENA, ALICE, MARTINA, JACOPO, JELLE                                                                      




Group 5  (knitting)  MARIADA, HANNA, MARIA LUISA, ALEXIA, VASSILIS, GONZALO                                       


 Group 6 (greek dances)   AGGELIKI, MAYA, MICHELA, ANTONIO, SIMONE 




Commemorative plaque and Certificates to the experts


Teachers’ meeting



Gastronomy – Lunch at PIATSA, Karavos to taste souvlaki. the traditional Greek fast

Students worksheet

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Type the first word that crosses your mind and submit it to the Answergarden.

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Workshops at school



1st Day – Tasting gyros, the greek fast food at Karavos


1st Day – Αt AVALONA, the Women’s Agro tourism Cooperation in Avlonarim Evia


2nd Day



4th Day Meeting at school – Developing digital skills at school 

What “sustainable tourism” means to you?

Type the first word that crosses your mind and submit it to the Answergarden





4th Day Meeting at school – Working on study cases about sustainable tourism 



Discover Evia – Study cases  (2 hours)

  1. You are α tour leader of 14 people. Make a program of a 4 days alternative tourism on Evia Island, with respect to the local community and the environment, choosing different kind of tourism every day according to the landscape. Create an infographic with the program.
  2. You are given the opportunity by the local authorities to organise activities, sports by the sea, on the sea and in the sea with respect to the local community and the environment. You can be financed with 100,000 Euros. What would you do?
  3. You are a bioclimatic architect office. A businessman wants to make an investment in our region (Evia Island) and he addresses himself to you to design a bioclimatic resort respecting sustainable development. Design the establishment. Take into consideration the management of water, heating, cooling of the rooms and waste management.

Group 1 (1b-3g)

Mariada, Hanna, Maria Luisa,  Ludovico

Group 2 (2b-3g)

Fyllenia. Anna Julia, Dimitris, Daniel, Mariadele

Suppose it is summer and there is a full moon next Sunday. Organise some events for the night at an Euboean beach with respect to the local community and the environment. Decide which authority you represent (a sports club, a cultural association, a trade association, a hotel resort).

Group 3 (2b-3g)

Marilena, Alexia, Martina Acosta, Jacopo, Joran

Υοu are the chef of an Euboean alternative tourist establishment. The clients want to experience local products and cuisine. Make a menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Group 4 (2b-3g)

Zacharoula, Ilaria, Danny, Nicolo’, Camacho

You have all inherited 10kmcoastal land from your grandfather on Evia Island. There is an olive grove, fig trees, a herb garden and there is a well. Discuss with your group how to develop this estate with respect to the local community and the environment. Find a name and a logo for your business.


Group 5 (2b-2g)

Vasilis, Gonzalo , Tess, Alice

Organise a tempting package of a holiday week in Evia for an international group of students of Archaeology. Navigate the internet searching for interesting ideas to organise a one week holiday of alternative tourism in Evia. Take into consideration where to go (special locations), what to discover (sightseeing), where to sleep (accommodation), what to eat (traditional tastes).

Group 6 (2b-3g)

Ruzalina, Dewi, Manuela, Nikos, Edoardo

Group 7 (2b-3g)

Aggeliki, Maya, Savvas, Antonio, Simone

The Department authorities with the collaboration of a company want to build a waste processing plant in your region (Evia Island). The local authorities do not agree to have it near their town. How can this problem been solved with respect to the local community and the environment and with contributory benefits? Some of the inhabitants are worried about the degradation of the area. What are the pros and cons of this decision?


Group 8 (2b-3g)

Margarita, Victoria, Michela, Jelle








Commemorative plaque – Αναμνηστική πλακέτα


Certificates of attendance – Βεβαιώσεις παρακολούθησης




4th Day – Outside activities – Visit to the Biofarm of Mr. Zarganis






4th Day – Outside activities – Visit to the enterprise of K. Karavasilis “Dry figs of Kymi”




5th Day Esucational trip to Athens – Guided tour to the Acropolis Museum





Guided tour to the Parthenon




6th Day – at Styra Resort




6th Day – farewell party












7th Day – Departure of the delegations

Departure of the Spanish




Dwparture of the Dutches






Departure of  the Italians







Evaluation of the meeting

Certificate of participation